The first experiment

Future girl to marry you ask for the first experiment?
• In the beginning it is important that you and your partner Taathaora stay before the sexual relationship, about all the things that concern you, which of course also concerned him. This dialogue will allow you to calm Roekm and deal more with the simplicity of this relationship.
• Nor is it inevitably establishment of full relations on the first day, it is possible to postpone it some time how much your convenience, Fbtabieh anxiety that accompanies the idea of ​​marriage and establish a sexual relationship has Tkonan in tension, and some time will serve to calm yourself.
• sexual relationship's fun, needs a bit of getting used to break down some of the barriers, and tried to direct some of you and your partner to make you happy and Imitekm by discovering your bodies.
• What perception of films about the sexual relationship is often flawed, such as the idea of ​​pain, unlike beliefs prevailing, the resolution of the membrane is a matter walking does not cause a significant ALMA does not require a major effort, as some imagine, there are from dramatize things and Aassabha then remains captive psychological impact .
• generally produces pain due to psychological stress experienced by girls when having sex for the first time and not necessarily from the ruptured membrane itself, as the psychological pressure and fear lead to shrinking and contractions involuntary muscles in the vagina and the contractions are difficult to enter the penis into the vagina and lead to pain. So it is important that the girl was in a state of relaxation and lack of tension when having sex and also be excited sexually, because sexual arousal lead to moisturize the vaginal area and this will be the introduction of the penis easy and fun process.